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19th B-Day :iconhashae:Hashae 2 8

At 1st we had to barter,
That didn't go so well.
So we created a new system,
that makes today a living hell.
The shining precious gold,
It's what we use to buy things or get things sold.
The dollar, the peso, the yen, the euro,
It like a seed that we feed to make sure that it grows.
Because of wealth. The more you have, the more you can get.
It seems that all we really want is material shit.
But sadly money is need,
A wicked necessity,
and wherever it may be it turns people into fiends.
It's amazing for how far people will go,
Just for them to get their paper thin gold,
Flash a wad of cash and a girl will take off her clothes,
Show a case of cheddar I guarantee that man will give you his soul,
We say "Life is so beautiful." but in reality it's cold.
But when it comes to this, many are hypocrites,
We say "money's evil" and yet we're still getting it.
If you wanna live decent you're gonna need cash,
:iconhashae:Hashae 1 0
Shrimp and Grits :iconhashae:Hashae 0 8 Kelsey (Alternate.) :iconhashae:Hashae 0 0 Kelsey :iconhashae:Hashae 0 0 Sulvia (Alternate attire) :iconhashae:Hashae 0 14 Delma aka X-29 :iconhashae:Hashae 1 0 Emily (Tournament attire) :iconhashae:Hashae 1 2 A case of the munchies! :iconhashae:Hashae 0 20

It strikes those who are young and have a dream,
where they get fantasize about the glamorous life and having alot of cream. 
A creative mind,
and ideas that are divine.
A dream of cameras, flashing lights and fans!
But ask yourself, "How am I gonna get there man?"
Are you dance you way,
to the stage on Broadway?
Is your singing that good,
to get your ass in Hollywood?
Maybe you have a knack for acting,
you make to Silver-screen and get others clapping.
Or possibly you have a rocking body,
quick strike a pose for the paparazzi!
Whatever your skill may be there's always competition,
everyone fighting for the pedestal of recognition.  
Just to make to sure that they have all the lime light,
and they alone will allow a select few as well to shine bright.
Your name on bill boards, Playing the lead role in movies,
resting in plush hotels, your brand showed on every TV.
You've got it all now, you definitely have it made.
:iconhashae:Hashae 0 0
Poetry Session:Freestyle

Rap about the 1st thing that comes to mind,
make sure the shit's ill when I rhyme.
Man I'm with my crew, yea' it's what we do,
when we simply wanna pass the time.

Got a ill ass flow and a sick ass beat,
speakin bout what we go through in these streets.
It's a vicious cycle and it never stops,
hustling hard and avoiding cops.

Man there's so much bad, hardly any good,
And I got a friend living in that hood.
He does what he can, certainly smart.
and he's here trying to promote his art.

He's on DA or fucking soundcloud.
When he makes his work, he makes it loud.
Vibrant colors, wicked designs,
This man is so divine.

He's a good guy in a bad city,
since the beginning he's been rolling with me.
That's friendship, that's loyalty,
it's time I showed him it means something to me.

A poem in good faith to my only bro.
This is something to let know.
You are my
:iconhashae:Hashae 1 6
Poetry Session:The Room

The place where my sanity snapped.
4 white walls,
a door,
a bed,
a tv,
games and some other miscellaneous shit.

A place of rest? A shred of privacy? A place to unwind?
More like the sanctuary I've made myself prisoner to.
As child I was grounded to it,
and as I am now I confine myself in it.

The room, it's many things to me;
my work station,
my home,
my safehouse,
my mad box.

5 years I've returned to that room many nights,
and one day I'm gonna have to leave it.
I look forward to the day I leave this small room,
so I can find a new one that definitely calls out to me.
:iconhashae:Hashae 0 0
BlackandWhite :iconhashae:Hashae 1 23
Poetry Session:The Pen is Equal to the Sword
The pen, a tool we use write.
The golden quill is what we use to silence our critics,
or influence a great amount of people.
All it takes is one with a silver tongue.
The sword, a weapon we use smite down our foes.
the steel forged by a blacksmith.
It can be used to defend the weak,
or end those who refuse to accept defeat.
Both items posses great potential,
but it is the wielder that holds the power.
both are often argued about,
of which item is better.
The 32 inch steel, or the inked feather?
We say the pen in is mightier than the sword,
but why do actions speak louder than words?
Who'd guess you could kill with a balled ink stick?
much less speak with a blade.
I can see both sides of the fence,
yet I remain neutral.
Many wonder why,
it is time for the rebuttal.
both can procrastinate, lets not forget humiliate,
shall I add on absolution and end with great execution.
By the wielder it is possible, they're
:iconhashae:Hashae 1 0
Poetry Session:Gunman

I was a young lad look for work,
found a few jobs but they all paid dirt.
but I didn't complain as long as I got paid,
after hours and kick back and enjoy the day.

One day I met a man, he wore a nice shoot.
Then he had asked me "Do you know how to shoot?"
I replied with "No, what exactly do you mean?"
He pulled out a revolver and said "Well you're about to see."

In mere seconds he shattered bottles with the pull of a trigger.
He stacked more and took them down even quicker.
He wanted me to give a it try, and I had shit aim.
The man trained me and with time I could do the same.

Soon we had a job that needed to be done,
but I had never guessed it'd be killing someone.
Sure I've done before but that was to survive.
But the difference is it's for pay this time.

We did the job no struggle, and the pay was large.
After a few contracts I felt as if I w
:iconhashae:Hashae 0 0
Poetry Session:Paladin

Paladins, they are the holiest of knights
The purest brave souls fighting for what's right.
The oath sworn warriors protecting the weak,
making sure that evil's chances are bleak.

At 1st a man of the catholic church,
but years later I became cursed.
I was plagued with greed and lust,
I failed to see I was losing his trust.

My faith in the lord had started to dwindle,
But it was when I was too deep to see that I was swindled.
I see that my righteous path wiped away from me,
and lord and savior has forsaken me.

Drowned in sin and bathed in madness,
I will rise from all this chaos and ashes.
I will be born a new just like the phoenix,
and I'm gonna make that Satan see's this.

I am ending my life of sins to be a just sword,
repenting all of my evil and giving it to the lord.
You may have chained my spirit, but I am now set free.
And a sinner once more is something I'll
:iconhashae:Hashae 2 0

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Ahhh, the one character that rarely makes appearances....well in my opinion. Ki how is on the scene daydreaming with a plushie. Okay ti...

When I think of Kitty and Ki how all I can see is those 2 girls in sweaters. But I can't say that no more seeing how much their wardrob...


Instead of sending in thousands kf men to die and bombs what should be an alternative to war instead of napalm and ak 47s?

I think it should be the combatants put on gloves and beat the shit out of one another. Winner gets what they want. No lives lost. Or the gladiator if they wanna be stubborn about it.

But what are your ideas? Im curious.
Weve all asked our folks how we were made and what not right? But I wanna hear your stories on how you came to this world. Basicslly whered your parents fuck at and under what circumstances?

Well My folks had drunke n stupid sex and blamo! My mom was knocked up. She really considered getting an abortion but didnt so here I am! Okay you're next! :la:
Sorry I've been gone for a while. So what all did I miss?
Hey guys. Needed to update some shut so here goes nothing. A week ago I moved out of my mom's for various issues. I now live with my friend Seth and his family. They're very accepting of me and only ask of me to clean up if I want to live with them. Why I am with them is because of my future in the military. My recruiter and I discovered that thanks to my misdemeanor action back in high schooler the wager can't be approved until the October 2999th of this :grump: Yeah they have to a 2 year crime free thing and all.

As far as being on DA goes I will appear at random so I'm throwing my usual schedule out the window. I have other shut I need to focus on besides art and forum drama. But I will try to at least drop some poems onto here whenever the urge strikes.

Anyways that's all I have to say really. Hope you all are having a great time on DA. Good afternoon to you all.


Jason Tyrelle Porter
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Greetings and salutations people of DA, I am Jason Tyrelle Porter AKA Hashae. I am a former sketch artist and have been reborn into a Poet, a cook and I am working on a story. There is alot than can be said about me. I like anime, I'm a gamer, and I enjoy a good run as well. I am easy to get along with, but I am easy to anger as well. We can be friend or foe. Choose wisely now. Long story short, I came here to DA to produce art for people to enjoy and look back on. Most of us have, now let's do just that!!!


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